Daughter of Thor and Sif
Alexiel Aldrich
I am the daughter of the great god of thunder. Thor is my father, despite not yet know of my existence. My mother, she thought to raise me on earth. There were several wars in Asgard and preferred to take me to a safe place where they can grow and develop my abilities. However, I have never used my powers in the presence of mortals, preferring a normal life. My adoptive father is Bobby Singer, raised me as if I was really his daughter.


Fight and Growls. Always. 

“A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could trulytame a wolf.” 
― George R.R. MartinA Dance with Dragons

And my arms are tough, but they can be bent, they can be bent - SN: 09x16
Tom Odell - Can’t Pretend

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Amber Heard in set of her new movie ‘When I live my life over again’ this Tuesday (08/04) in East Hampton. NY.


Sam and Dean are investigating the case at the asylum. There they meet the girl whom the knew before. As it turned out, she was forcibly taken away here so she can’t get out of the asylum.
Once, when the ‘doctors’ wanted to try shock treatment over this girl, Sam tried to save her, but instead of it he was closed at the ward and tied (as very violent patient).


- I’m looking for this girl. Have you seen her?